A day at school 

In the Jardin des Capucines, each day begins with a warm welcome to the teaching team. Families and children are received individually in a pleasant atmosphere, on time songs. Once the children arrived, the teachers present various workshops for the day on a specific topic. During the day, children are divided into groups of all ages. forming communities in which the older children spontaneously share their knowledge with the younger ones..

The teachers follow each child individually while others are autonomous in their respective work. Thus, each child is legally attributed to a work area where he will find a worksheet to be accompanied by a picture of the equipment to use. The various tools available to each child play a vital role in the Montessori pedagogy since they allow the acquisition of fundamental values (mathematics, French ...). Depending on his progress, the child can manipulate more and more tools.

During the day, a small group of children, young and older, enjoys preparing the morning snack and afternoon tea for his schoolmates.  

The days are set in a musical, warm and relaxing atmosphere, very appreciated by children, and which allow them to work in an extremely calm and friendly environnement.

Depending on weather, field trips are regularly held at the Château de belleville's park so that children can relax while learning about the environment around them (insects, wildlife, plants ...).
At the end of the day, the teachers remain fully available to parents from their child.