The different activities 

The kindergarden offers activities during the whole year in order to enable children to develop and open himself to the rest of the world, arts,...

Introduction to music:
Children are welcomed and work at le Jardin des Capucines with a soft music, in favor of calm and development.
They can use different instruments which enable them to create their own music. During the day in the kindergarden, very often educators and children seat in circle and sing together.
This introduction to music will enable them to appreciate various compositors and singers and to create their own musical culture.

At le Jardin des Capucines, the educators and eldest seat with the youngest and read together.
This activity offers pupils and introduction and learning of reading. It will allow them to appreciate sharing and reading. 

Plastic arts:
Children will benefit several artistic activities while studying in le Jardin des Capucines.
As an example they can participate in painting activities, sculptures, handicraft, coloring,... which will enable them to get familiar with famous artists, to imitate them, to appreciate arts.

Board games:
In le Jardin des Capucines, children can access several board games.

This activity is reserved to the eldest. In this activity, children will learn how to cook cakes or simple recipes. They will share it with their classmates when snack time comes.

During the theatre activity, the children have the opportunity to write their own script, to create their own sceneries and characters.
This activity enables children to develop their creativity, their capacity of organizing, to talk in public (by using puppets), or their actor skills.

Le Jardin des Capucines is situated close to the park of the Chateau de Belleville and offers children the occasion to practice outdoor sports. This activity enables them to practice a physical activity in group, while having fun in a natural and pleasant environment.